Completion of the Stage II in III quarter 2012.

Energy-saving houses

The Sady Wilanowskie housing estate is under development. Another 13 detached and semi-detached houses are being constructed. The housing estate will consist of altogether 35 houses.

The previous stage was successfully completed. The housing estate is inhabited and families who live there enjoy an exceptional neighbourhood.

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Plan of the Housing Estate

Land management plans in the estate – click on the map to see availability of houses:

The second stage of the Sady Wilanowskie housing estate will consist of 13 energy-saving houses. During their construction we plan to apply solutions, which will become standard only in few years. They will mainly concern insulation of roof and walls as well as application of triple windowpanes. In addition, it will be possible to equip the houses with system of air change (recuperation) and apply other solutions allowing to save energy in the future.